Future Nature Program

As a step towards Eternal Feeding, Unsorcery presents the Future Nature Program, at Academie Solitude and in the surrounding forests:

There are some tendencies lately to minimize or ignore nature, to start from zero, to construct everything from minimal assumptions, in a clean space of reasons which is ironically imagined as a desert. Or if nature is acknowledged it is not much more than the domain of the sentients and an impediment to freedom, a source of nonemancipated instincts and habits that should be domesticated and instrumentalized. The potential of nature is annihilated in this way, everything is reduced to human dimensions (even if in the case of accelerationism and new rationalism the human dimensions are inflated). On the other hand there are tendencies towards nostalgia for nature and for a past when there was more sensibility for the natural layers of reality. Here nature is a continuous source of primitive phantasies and lamentations about how capitalism destroys nature and any possibility to relate with it. We are interested in the enabling or construction of a different attitude - not submissive but not arrogant either. We are in a moment in which a horrendous, monstrous nature seems to accelerate towards us from the future and we need all human and inhuman capacities, natural, unnatural and supernatural to be able at least to acknowledge and connect with the immensity of what is going on, and maybe, if we are lucky, some new capacities and occasions can emerge in the scary encounter with the future nature.

July 23, 19h00, Presentation: Ben Woodard & discussion with Bogdan Draganescu, Florin Flueras, Irina Gheorghe, Anastasia Jurescu, Mihai Pecingine, Alina Popa.

July 24 - August 4 the program will alternate between days of theoretical sessions, presentations, discussions, reading groups and days of Future Nature and Eternal Feeding practices. You can follow one of these two ramifications, both or none of course.

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